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Conservation and a Sustainable Lifestyle are tops in my agenda.

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Brenda Valentine

Brenda Valentine, The First Lady of Hunting.

I’m Brenda Valentine, also known as “The First Lady of Hunting”®.  I am usually characterized in bios as being an extreme hunter, an award winning T.V. host, a champion archer, an acclaimed author, and an outspoken advocate for guns and hunting as well as the leader of the current women’s hunting movement, but what is most true is my love of the land and the animals that thrive on it. A lifelong hunter, I am committed to the sustainable lifestyle that hunting promotes, as well as an avid conservationist. I believe if we take care of the ecosystems and biodiversity of nature and help keep the natural order in balance through hunting, nature will also take care of us. I am an 19-year veteran member of Bass Pro Shop’s National RedHead Pro Hunting Team and a National Spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation and an honorary member of the NWTF Foundation Board of Directors, an honorary board member of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, and a member of the Tennessee Turkey Hunters Hall of Fame.  I am honored to be among those inducted into the National Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. I am an award winning TV host and radio personality who writes regular columns in NWTF’s Turkey Country, Heartland and Mossy Oak Biologic Game Keepers magazines. My husband, Barney, and I have a menagerie of farm animals plus two daughters, two sons-in-law and four grandchildren who are all passionate outdoor guys and gals. It’s a great way to share with your family, too. Whether you are hunting, hiking, fishing or enjoying a relaxing day in your back yard or in our great national and state parks, spend some time outdoors with your family as often as possible. And whether you are old or new to the outdoors lifestyle, I welcome you to my Web site and invite you to my Facebook page where I maintain an active presence along with friends and fans who share a common bond with the land. Thank you for your interest in a lifestyle and commitment  to conservation that is as old as humanity.

Making the conservation efforts official.

Making the conservation efforts official.

Conservation is not just a byword to me. When I am not on the road filming or speaking, I can often be found on tractor or horse, or behind a team of mules, working to improve wildlife habitat on the Tennessee farm that my husband, Barney, and I call home, as well as a conservation project I took up several years ago that you can read about here. The truth is, conservation is important to every informed hunter. That’s why I try to get the word out at every opportunity that conservation is important to animals, the environment, and humans alike. And hunters are are integral part of conservation, with money paid in for hunting licenses and stamps paying for conservation efforts all across the country.

A snow covered drive heralds the entrance to my personal conservation project.

The sign reads, “BV’s Clear Creek Retreat”.

Brenda holding two pies with heaping meringues

Holidays or any time is the right time for food. I love being in the kitchen and I love eating good food from the garden and from the hunting harvest.

For me, hunting is a family tradition — I was born into it! I am the oldest child in a self-reliant family that depended on wild game meat for the table. Those early years accompanying my Daddy in hunting, trapping, and fishing formed the solid foundation for my lifestyle today and whetted my desire to teach others and share the lifestyle I live and love. I stay busy attending speaking engagements, but when I’m home you’re apt to find me on the farm driving the tractor, riding horses, putting up vegetables from the garden, working on treestands, or shooting bows and guns with the grandkids. One of the best ways to share in discussions about the sustainable lifestyle of the hunting community is to become a part of it. Join us on my Facebook page where from time to time we share tips and tricks of the trade, recipes and the like.

Cooking Across Turkey Country cookbook

“Cooking Across Turkey Country” has many great recipes including several from yours truly.

You can also find great recipes in the NWTF’s “Cooking Across Turkey Country” cookbook. I have several recipes and more in this cookbook. Pick it up on Amazon.    

Brenda and a youth walk through the forest

Introducing youth to the outdoor lifestyle is one of my most enjoyable activities.

It was through a combination of knowledge, talent, hard work, and a quick wit that I was able to earn the respect of my male counterparts early on, in a day when few women were part of their cadre. I am right at home in the backwoods of Tennessee or the plains of Africa or the glaciers of Alaska, and I’m also comfortable in the boardroom and ready to tackle tough issues like gun rights and conservation with intelligence and the insight of a lifetime spent educating others about hunting, conservation, and the sustainable lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve made it my life’s mission to encourage everyone to cherish the outdoors and their freedom to hunt and own firearms. Every year, I keeps a whirlwind public speaking schedule in order to express the importance of land and wildlife management, patriotism, and sharing the outdoors with children, women, and the disabled.

Brenda and disabled veteran

I enjoy hunting with military veterans, wounded warriors and the disabled.

I’m also a staunch supporter of U.S. military and wounded veteran projects. In 2012, I was the only woman chosen by the DOD to take part in the Outdoor Legends Tour ll. This was an opportunity to personally extend appreciation to active troops in Afghanistan and S.W. Asia and hospitalized servicemen in Germany for their service to our country on behalf of the entire outdoor industry. It is my goal to inspire men and women to uphold hunting as it is threatened by political forces as well as competition from other sports and today’s bustling lifestyles. In an economy where people don’t depend on hunting as much for food, I work hard to ensure that children understand where food comes from and the importance of game management. I tell the truth about hunting; that it is an honorable way of life and that hunters are good, decent people who care about animals and the environment.


2015 NWTF Conservation Communicator of the Year

From hunting squirrels on a small farm in Tennessee with a .22 to stalking cape buffalo in Africa with a bow and arrow, I have successfully achieved most of hunting’s greatest challenges. Among the many accomplishments and awards for hunting, shooting and leadership efforts I have been honored to receive are:

Brenda's Blog, The World from My Angle

The following is a reprint of my Turkey Country Magazine column that answers questions concerning the tick-born allergy called ALPHA-GAL. I contracted this serious condition several years ago and was finally correctly diagnosed by Nashville-based allergy specialist, Dr. Keenan Smith. There have been cases of Alph-Gal recently found as far north as Michigan as well as a few cases in Europe.

I urge everyone to become educated to the dangers of ticks.

Read more

Special Thanks to my Sponsors

Bass Pro Shops Before the Bass Pro Shops logo is affixed to any product, it goes through intensive field testing under the worst conditions imaginable. If it doesn’t pass, it’s back to square one. Simply put, if it bears the Bass Pro Shops name, you can be sure that it’s the highest quality gear available. As one of 5 original RedHead Pro Team members, I have co-hosted Bass Pro hunting TV shows since the beginning, over 19-years ago starting with the TNN network. I continue to share my hunting experiences with an audience of millions thanks to the professionals at the Bass Pro video dept.
sp2-mossyoak I’ve been wearing Mossy Oak for at least a dozen years. I signed on to be a Mossy Oak ProStaffer, because I liked the company’s value system and the emphasis on family. Mossy Oak’s folks were and still are strong conservationists. They emphasize respecting and taking care of the land. I feel like I can sit on the front porch and talk about hunting stories with them for hours. They’re people close to the land and the wild critters that live on it. Their outdoors philosophy really fits my philosophy. I felt like I was at home, when I became a part of the Mossy Oak family.
NWTF In 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation was founded with a mission dedicated to conserving wild turkeys and preserving hunting traditions. While wild turkey restoration is nearing completion, the NWTF still has much work to do. Across North America, supporters are working to enhance habitat for wild turkeys and other wildlife while providing hunters with more opportunities and access to public and private land. In addition, NWTF volunteers and partners are introducing youth, women and people with disabilities to the outdoors through special educational events.
Redhead Before the Bass Pro Shops logo is affixed to any product, it goes through intensive field testing under the worst conditions imaginable. If it doesn’t pass, it’s back to square one. Simply put, if it bears the Bass Pro Shops name, you can be sure that it’s the highest quality gear available. As one of 5 original RedHead Pro Team members, I have co-hosted Bass Pro hunting TV shows since the beginning, over 19-years ago starting with the TNN network. I continue to share my hunting experiences with an audience of millions thanks to the professionals at the Bass Pro video dept.
sp2-huntersafety There are 5 times more fatalities from a treestand fall than there are from hunting accidents with a firearm. In fact, 1 in 3 hunters will fall from a treestand. This all takes a very personal meaning to me since suffering a very serious treestand fall several years ago. The injuries may have healed but not the terrible memory or the desire to prevent this from happening to others. Hunters Safety System has a serious solution to this serious problem. I’m proud to represent this company and hopefully I will influence others to take treestand safety seriously.
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Personal Appearances and Speaking Engagements

Brenda speaking at banquet
Brenda speaking at event
Brenda speaking at outdoor event in camo
Brenda speaking at outdoor event
Indoors or out, large or small, I am available for personal appearances and speaking engagements across the country. Promoting the outdoors, conservation of land and animals, and introducing people to the wonders of hunting and the great outdoors is what I am all about.  Please send an email via the form below describing your event. I will check my calendar and respond at the earliest opportunity. Thanks so much for your interest!

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